Emergency Contact Information

Emergencies can happen. These are defined as any situation in which there is an immediate risk to health, life, property or environment. Call 000.

As soon as possible contact the Koala Blue office on (07) 47245688. If you call the office number after hours, there is an emergency mobile number on our message service.  Please call and/or leave a message.  If you do not receive a response immediately, then please follow the steps below. Please be aware that the following repairs/maintenance are not classified as emergencies or urgent repairs and will be addressed by your Property Manager on the next working day.


  • Blocked toilets (if there is a second unblocked toilet)
  • Smoke Alarms won't stop "beeping.  Take lithium battery out and leave alarm "hanging".  Should stop beeping in a few minutes.  If 9 volt battery, take battery out and alarm should stop beeping immediately.
    • If you follow these steps, make sure you have at least one other smoke alarm operational and contact the Koala Blue office as soon as possible.
  • Stove / oven not working
  • General maintenance and repairs
  • Trouble with reticulation
  • Trouble with air conditioning
  • Leaking taps
  • Pest control

Please note that if you carry out a repair that is not urgent, then you may be responsible for costs / expenses incurred.


What to do in the following situations?


Break-ins and damage to glass

Immediately contact the police and report the break-in or damage.

The police will provide you with a police report number. You must provide this number to your Property Manager on the next working day. If this number is not provided to your Property Manager, then any expenses incurred for repairs or replacement of glass may be invoiced to you.

In the event if you cannot contact your Property Manager, we advise you to contact a glazier to replace the damaged glass or secure the property. We recommend the following glaziers:

O’Brien Glass contact number 1800 645 011

Once you have provided the glazier with the police report number, you may instruct them to forward the account directly to our office.


Gas Leak

In the event of suspected gas leak, locate the gas cylinder and immediately turn off the gas to the property. Once you have turned off the gas, please inform your supplier and your Property Manager of the issue.


Water leakage or burst pipe

In the event of a suspected water leak, locate the water meter and immediately turn off the water to the property. The water meter is usually located at the front or side of the property. Once you have turned off the water, we recommend the following plumber:

Tacoma Plumbing contact number (m) 0412638195

Please also inform your Property Manager as soon as possible.


Major electrical problems that may cause harm Please turn off any faulty (known or any suspected) appliances at the power point. Turn off the power at the meter box. There is a MAIN switch that will need to be turned off.

We recommend the following electricians in the event of an emergency:

Electrical and Airconditioning Services contact number (m) 0417006372

Please also inform your Property Manager as soon as possible.


Severe storm damage or severe property damage This is only considered an emergency if the home is not secured or there is dangerous structural damage ie: part of the ceiling has collapsed, there is severe damage to the roof causing exposure etc.

In the event of severe storm damage, please contact the SES (State Emergency Services) on 132500.

Please also inform your Property Manger as soon as possible.


Smoke Alarm Problem when constantly beeping.  See information above under non urgent.

In the event this is a serious issue after hours, contact Smoke Alarm Solutions on their emergency number 1300 853 648.


Lost keys or keys locked inside In the event that you lose your keys, you are responsible for replacing the keys and any other related costs that may be incurred.

In the event that you have locked your keys inside the property, you can contact the Koala Blue office during business hours to arrange to collect our office keys. The keys must be returned to our office same day or next morning.

In the event you have locked yourself out after business hours, you will be required to arrange for a locksmith at your cost.