What you can expect

We assist you in optimising your income potential through strategic management.

This simple statement covers an often challenging and complicated process. Of course the care of your property and optimising your return is what’s important - and Koala Blue Real Estate utilises some unique strengths to accomplish this. We ensure our people consistently operate above and beyond our competitors. It’s a precise service-based mindset that only the best property management practitioners can deliver consistently. We use sophisticated systems and technology to make certain your property can gain massive exposure. Our comprehensive databases enable us to match tenants with properties. We connect with your audience of potential tenants. In our media-saturated society the average consumer is bombarded with hundreds of advertising messages every day. Your investment property needs to stand out. Koala Blue Real Estate have redefined the role of property management within the real estate office - from a back office activity to an expert streamlined, systemised, customer focused machine that today’s market requires. Before this machine is activated, we determine achievable rent, and specifically tailor marketing and leasing techniques. No two properties are the same – so each marketing and leasing proposal must be considered individually. We then move seamlessly into the ongoing care and management of your investment asset.


Local Activity

A clear understanding of the local market is crucial.

We can make the best decisions on the leasing of your property by possessing the most comprehensive information possible. While we have access to the very latest market statistics, these alone do not provide the necessary vision. A more important benefit is the ability to translate these statistics into a clear, accurate reading for an individual property. Checking recent market movements in the area is also imperative. This information can then be used to draw a conclusion on the property’s potential and uncover opportunities for marketing and customer targeting. Understanding historical patterns, gauging both external and internal market dynamics and assessing the current competition for any property is vital. With knowledge - clear, decisive action can be taken.


More Care

We’ve got the training that counts.

Your Koala Blue Real Estate Property Manager operates as part of a team, where continuous professional development is a constant. We have access to expert training and coaching. This ensures our people remain at the forefront of Legislative changes. You can be confident your Koala Blue Property Manager has the tools and capacity to provide the next generation of property management services.


More Systems

Streamlined systems ensure the “i’s” are dotted and the “t’s” are crossed!

We have the training, the checklists, the technology and the people to make certain we can deliver on our promise to care for your investment. In the care of your major asset, things may sometimes veer off track. Our people promote the value of effective communication. We urge you to contact us should you have any concerns or constructive comments which may assist us in continuously improving our levels of customer delight.


Our commitment to you


We will effectively communicate with you. Your Koala Blue Property Manager will discuss your needs and develop a policy for the prompt response and resolution of matters for you and your investment. We sometimes spend a large amount of time away from the office appraising property, inspecting and managing property, however, be assured we will respond.